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Research Directions

Financial Policy and Financial Innovation Lab

Financial Policy and Financial Innovation Lab focuses on macroeconomic, financial policies, financial regulation, financial innovation and other related areas. We advance frontier research in exploring major issues related to China's financial reform and development, tracking and analyzing financial policies, industry dynamics, and financial innovation practice at home and abroad. We also make policy recommendations to government and provide academic support for domestic as well as foreign financial institutions and enterprises. The department will regularly organize relevant symposiums on financial policies and financial innovation to promote communication and cooperation among relevant fields.

Family Business and Wealth Management Lab

Family Business and Wealth Management Lab focuses on family business specialized issues, such as management and organization, history and culture, succession and heritage, transformation and development, as well as wealth management design and implement. The lab promotes interdisciplinary research at Peking University and integrates the resources of domestic and abroad. Concurrently, the Center regularly organizes forums and seminars to facilitate intellectual exchange among various parties. We are committed to drive China family business theoretical and empirical study, summarize and compile classic cases, and provide consulting and research support to family enterprise managers,.

Private Equity, Venture Capital and Innovative Economy Lab

The lab focuses on research areas of innovation and development of private equity and venture capital. We study Chinese economic transformation, innovation-driven economy, and problems and trends in PE/VC related areas. We aim to provide academic support for private equity and venture capital firms and entrepreneurs, through providing in-depth industry research reports and classic cases of innovation and entrepreneurship. We strive to build an open platform for private equity companies, entrepreneurs and government agencies, to promote China's venture capital industry as well as innovation-driven sustainable economic development.

Quantitative Finance and Big Data Lab

The laboratory is committed to financial sector reform, quantification of financial product innovation, quantitative investment strategy development, risk management theory and practice, and other quantitative research issues in the era of big data. The lab will also bring major domestic and foreign financial experts together, to solve important theoretical and practical problems aroused in quantitative financial development, through rigorous academic research and solid industry practices.